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A LYING on your CV is a sackable offence so why take the risk?
Moaning about the weather or - heaven forfend - the broken photocopier are now sackable offences at a company that has banned the whole notion of whingeing.
STEPHENODONNE6 - 'Henry just said Milner is special, that's a sackable offence' - Dundalk midfielder Stephen O'Donnell isn't buying Thierry Henry's analysis of the Barcelona v Manchester City Champions League game and his thoughts on the City midfielder.
I'm not naive enough to think the run we were on wasn't a sackable one on any CV.
4 from 9 isn't good enough, 5/6 wins in 10 months is sackable form.
The worst criticism you could level at him is that he has been a serial hyppcrite, but hypocrisy isn't necessarily a sackable offence.
Racial abuse to be considered gross misconduct in player and coach contracts (and therefore potentially a sackable offence).
The Professional Footballers' Association chief executive says the union wants tougher penalties for racist abuse including making it potentially a sackable offence, culprits ordered to attend awareness programmes and a form of the 'Rooney rule' to boost the number of black coaches and managers.
Debra Kiernan, 49, a driving instructor from Erdington, added: "I believe he shouldn't have said the comments about the lineswoman but it's not a sackable offence.
But later, having learned the baroness had employed an illegal worker as a housekeeper by accident rather than with any malicious intention, he decided it was not a sackable offence.
He is facing allegations that he committed gross misconduct - a sackable offence - by handing council papers to two leading opposition councillors.
Fiddling your expense claims at work is fraud and, for many, a sackable offence.