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They didn't lift that last sack," Kearns protested.
McGREGOR threw down the sack on the stone floor in a way that would have been extremely painful to the Flopsy Bunnies, if they had happened to have been inside it.
Then the other pretended to give way, and said, 'Thou must let the sack of wisdom descend, by untying yonder cord, and then thou shalt enter.
Nevertheless," quoth Robin, "if thou hast no hunger, maybe thou hast thirst, and well I know thou wilt take a cup of sack with me.
cried Robin, "fill our good friend the Sheriff a right brimming cup of sack and fetch it hither, for he is faint and weary.
Then one of the band brought the Sheriff a cup of sack, bowing low as he handed it to him; but the Sheriff could not touch the wine, for he saw it served in one of his own silver flagons, on one of his own silver plates.
So saying, he held up the sack of silver that Little John and the Cook had brought with them.
Then Robin Hood gave the sack of silver back to the Sheriff.
The company that waited for the Sheriff were all amazed to see him come out of the forest bearing a heavy sack upon his shoulders; but though they questioned him, he answered never a word, acting like one who walks in a dream.
BALIKESyR (CyHAN)- Republican People's Party (CHP) Balykesir Deputy Namyk Havutca claimed on Tuesday that 25 kilograms of coal sacks are short of basis weight, given to poor people by Family and Social Policies Ministry.
BPI Recycled Products has teamed up with a cleaning and supplies firm to donate 43,000 recycled plastic sacks to the victims of the recent flooding in Carlisle.
Growing landless plants using burlap sacks has become an urban gardener's paradise.