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Table 3: Worldwide Neurostimulation Market (2007-2012): Product Segments (Spinal Cord Stimulators, Deep Brain Stimulators, Sacral Nerve Stimulators, and Vagus Nerve Stimulators) Ranked by Growth (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-13
Sacral nerve stimulation for the treatment of refractory voiding and bowel dysfunction.
Sacral nerve stimulation for faecal incontinence and constipation in adults.
Neurologic complications in some patients with genital herpes (eg, sacral radiculopathy, hyperesthesia) reinforce the hypothesis that genital herpes can infect ganglia that are also associated with sacral nerves.
Double-blind crossover study of sacral nerve stimulation for fecal Incontinence.
Sacral nerve stimulation for urinary urge incontinence, urgency-frequency, urinary retention, and fecal incontinence: An evidence-based analysis.
Lumbar plexus blocks produce anesthesia of most of the lumbar nerve roots and some of the sacral nerve roots.
elvic neuromodulation with sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) delivers mild electric current to a region of the spine near the small of the back, and has been FDA approved since 1999 to treat symptoms of a number of lower urinary tract disorders.
Cauda equina syndrome is caused by lumbar disc protrusion, and 1-15% of patients present with abnormal bladder function secondary to impingement of sacral nerve roots.
Due to resection of the sacral nerve roots, the patient developed postoperative are flexic bladder with intrinsic sphincter deficiency that required intermittent urinary self-catheterization.
He explained that the device, which has a lifespan of between five-eight years, is implanted through a procedure known as the sacral nerve stimulation - a minimally invasive procedure to treat urge incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary retention or interstitial cystitis.