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And even with the thousands of deaths from the government's bloody war against illegal drugs, the Church stood for its principles in upholding the sacredness of life.
CLIMBING the dramatic rock formation Uluru will be banned in two years after declining as visitors to the Australian landmark increasingly recognise its sacredness to indigenous people.
When we warned about the issue of Syrian refugees and camps' conditions, some of the Lebanese counterparts accused us of inhumanity," he went on, emphasizing the sacredness of Lebanon's security and sovereignty.
Al-Othaimeen added that no true Muslim would violate the sacredness of the Holy Mosque, particularly at the end of the blessed month of Ramadan.
On Juneteenth, we take the time to remember the day that barbaric practice ended in our nation, but also celebrate the sacredness of freedom and the richness of the African-American communitys innumerable contributions to all aspects of American culture, history, and identity.
The sacredness, love, and fellowship were still there.
Scholars of the Hebrew Bible and of cinema critically engage Ridley Scott's 2014 film Exodus: Gods and Kings to explore relationships between the exodus story and contemporary identities, between text and visualization, between miracle and special effect, and between commercialization and perception of sacredness.
I share her hope that an appreciation of sacredness will be cultivated by all Americans, in our laws and practices, including by those who are proudly separated from all religious tradition.
For your safety and the conservation of Angkor please respect the sacredness of the temple, please respect all signs, please do not enter dangerous areas,' read the announcement, released in six different languages
It makes sense for us to work alongside others in the faith community who also believe in the inherent dignity and sacredness of every human life.
Therefore, our criticisms of the corrupt or prohibitive practices of Erdoy-an and the AKP are perceived by the AKP's fanatical supporters as an attack on their sacredness.
It states that evangelical Christians "differ in their beliefs about capital punishment, often citing strong biblical and theological reasons either for the just character of the death penalty in extreme cases or for the sacredness of all life.