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1334 and 051-9213908 for collection and disposal of remains of sacrificial animals, which have been attended promptly.
He said that garbage bins were placed adding that 130 collection points was set up to collect the sacrificial animals stuff.
With the religious festival approaching fast, cattle dealers said they sold sacrificial animals on high prices compared to the past because of the illegal money they paid while transporting animals to the country.
The petition submitted by the lawyer of JuD claimed that it had opened 142 schools for boys and girls all over the country, which were being run from funds contributed by citizens of the country and from sources, like sacrificial hides at the time of Eidul Azha.
Observing that the single prevailing feature of the imperial cult was "sacrifice," much of this chapter is spent demonstrating (through an examination of the Hellenistic ruler cults and the "divine" status of Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus) that the shift to the imperial cult of the Roman Empire was both continuous with the preceding religious sacrificial traditions while at the same time novel in its identification of the locus of authority in a single individual.
The sacrificial animals are slaughtered and distributed among family members (one-third), friends, neighbours (one-third) and the needy (one-third), bringing joy to rich and poor alike.
To combat this, manufacturers equip the water heaters with a sacrificial anode rod.
Is it ironical that at sacrificial ceremonies, the whole place must have stunk of blood?
Brewer said Passover is heavy with Christian symbolism: the striped matzo representing the scourges of Jesus; Father, Son and Holy Spirit seen in the three matzos; the sacrificial lamb that spared the Jews' firstborn from the Angel of Death.
The essence of masculinity is "to act, to do, in a sacrificial giving.
has published a brochure focused on its innovations in the sacrificial anode industry since 1984.
For him,leadership was not overbearing lordship but sacrificial service.