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The complainant Hafiz Muhammad Awais had alleged that Patras had posted a sacrilegious photo on Jan 16, 2018, on a Facebook group named 'Paaglon Ki Basti'.
They, therefore, demanded of district administration and district nazim of Chitral and government to make an investigation immediately whether the man has his health issue or not, and if found mental problem, be put in mental hospital or he deliberately committed blasphemy, be dealt with Islamic Sharia and concerned law and also unveil the men to foment the sacrilegious man.
God has never been this damned funny in this pseudo-sacred, sacrilegious piece of silliness.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Iranian Christian leader deplored the sacrilegious moves made against Islam, such as the publishing of insulting cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), as a plot hatched by Israel.
MULTAN -- Different trader wings staged protest demonstration against sacrilegious caricatures of Holy Prophet (SAWW) published by Charlie Hebdo, a French tabloid, here on Monday.
While tame compared with "High Tension" director Alexandre Aja's hard-R-rated gore-fests, this overly devout adaptation of Joe Hill's sacrilegious text benefits from the helmer's twisted sensibility, but suffers from a case of overall silliness.
Speaking to reporters in his weekly press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast deplored certain western media for promoting and supporting sacrilegious acts against divine sanctity and the prophet of Islam.
Summary: RIYADH: In a new development in the case of Saudi writer Hamza Kashghari, who wrote a few tweets that were considered slanderous to Almighty Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him), the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Religious Edicts (Ifta) issued a strongly worded statement in which it said mocking Allah or His Prophet is a downright sacrilegious act, kufr (infidelity) and apostasy that should no go undetected, local daily Al-Eqtisadiah reported Thursday.
Three senior Iranian clerics have declared a TV serial being shown in many Arab countries this month to be sacrilegious and ruled that watching it is "haram," that is, sinful and forbidden.
This all-the-way-out thing is a little foreign to us older guys, when it was sacrilegious to pull the wrong one first, for fear pulling the prop control too far would ruin the engine.
He added: "We pray there may be an end to this sacrilegious butchery.
Prince "Delirious" 1999 (1982) It would be sacrilegious to write an article about '80s music with nary a mention of the Purple One.