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in Says rules aren't sacrosanct and seeks names of officials and the commercial activities they are involved in
The results show people are prepared to cut back on 'luxuries', such as takeaways and nights out to go on their annual summer holiday, which is sacrosanct to many.
The European Union can therefore apply the '6+5' rule without harming the sacrosanct freedom of movement.
According to the sacrosanct one time last time' principle, the airline cannot receive state aid until 2011.
I think they are one of our most important allies in the region, and I think that their security is sacrosanct.
Just as they close ranks over their expense claims, so too do they try to adopt the belief they should in some way be treated like priests in a confessional - that everything they discuss between themselves and constituents should remain sacrosanct.
His approach is daring, not just because of the sacrosanct image of environmental programs, but also because he grounds his research in new applications of current theory and practice rather than in environmental political correctness.
LIFE is a God-given gift and should be sacrosanct but in today's society it is held cheaply and taken without remorse.
Several of these finished behind Yeats last time, notably 2005 Irish Cesarewitch winner Clara Allen (fourth), Sacrosanct (fifth) and two-time Group 3 winner Tartouche (seventh).
Staff should have at least one holiday that is sacrosanct.
There are just some things that are sacrosanct, and I believe funerals to be one of those things.