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These three yeses had been pronounced by Athos, each with a sadder intonation.
Alcinous," answered Ulysses, "there is a time for making speeches, and a time for going to bed; nevertheless, since you so desire, I will not refrain from telling you the still sadder tale of those of my comrades who did not fall fighting with the Trojans, but perished on their return, through the treachery of a wicked woman.
But methinks it must have been sadder still when they were landed on the Long Wharf in Boston, and left to themselves on a foreign strand.
I am wretched enough now," thought poor Ceres, "to talk with this melancholy Hecate, were she ten times sadder than ever she was yet.
Slowly Hetty had read this letter; and when she looked up from it there was the reflection of a blanched face in the old dim glass-- a white marble face with rounded childish forms, but with something sadder than a child's pain in it.
I would the lovely scene around Might know no sadder sight nor sound.
And his sad face grew sadder, thinking perhaps of the tragedy of his country and the part that he played in it.
She was sadder than ever as she drove along, and said mournfully, 'I know he has fallen asleep, and will not be able to set me free.
Sad October and her sadder self seemed the only two existences haunting that lane.
But, oh, ghosts, the world would be sadder still without you.
Then the passages were tinged with a subdued happiness that was even sadder than the rest.
If it were as you say, what could be sadder than so much ardent labor all in vain?