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This is evidence enough that sadistic gays continue to play well in tinsel town.
We have the handicapped in Big Brother, the promiscuous on Love Island, now this sadistic hour.
But he told him: 'This was a brutal, savage and sadistic assault on an elderly man.
Overall, the 1938 work--based on a true-life revolt by a group of prisoners against their sadistic warden--is nominated for six awards, including Best Actor (Corin Redgrave) and Best Direction (by Trevor Nunn).
Many of those doomed to die a cruel death at the hands of their sadistic overlords must have been asking, "Why?
Summary: A Big Brother team led by Noirin has triumphed during a day of sadistic sporting challenges.
But it becomes intolerable when her direct supervisor, the beautiful Miss Fubuki Mori (Kaori Tsuji), whom Amelie has some kind of crush on, takes punishment for the Western incompetent's breaches of workplace etiquette to sadistic extremes.
Patrick's sister Eileen Hazley, 80, of Glasgow, said: 'Loney is a cruel and sadistic man who strangled both Patrick and Clara as they lay in their bed.
To be fair, there are some effectively rendered scenes of this addiction: Gia disturbingly blank-faced as she takes her first snort of heroin in the backseat of a limo; Gia's mother (realistically played by Mercedes Ruehl, though with an inexplicable Marge-from-Fargo accent) torn in ten directions when she tells her strung-out daughter that she cannot move back home; Gia trying to score smack on the street and being bounced around like a pinball between sadistic dealers.
A SERIES of police blunders left a sadistic killer to murder his ex-girlfriend and their toddler daughter, a watchdog said yesterday.
Says the sadistic Becker: ``I want to reset your violent proclivities and peel away your layers of hate.
A SCOTS sex beast who terrorised English women in a sadistic phone campaign was jailed for life yesterday.