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David Crigman QC, prosecuting, said Reynolds carried out a "scripted, sadistic and sexually-motivated murder".
Ferguson said it must be hard for our fans, adding it's the sadistic nature of our team.
When Johnson - at the time a bricklayer living in Lawn Road, Rough Hills, Wolverhampton - was sentenced to life in prison at Stafford Crown Court in October 1986, Mr Justice Tucker recommended he serve a minimum of 17 years for what he described as a sadistic, sustained and remorseless attack.
Judge Mark Brown, said: "Features of this case indicate you have sadistic tendencies and are willing to achieve your ends in brutal way.
This man had a previous criminal record, and made a six-year-old child watch his sadistic treatment of a three-year-old.
Having spent a quarter of a century studying serial killers and sadistic murderers and having met, observed, and corresponded with many of these killers, as well as family members, neighbors, friends, lawyers, and surviving victims, Levin (sociology and criminology, Northeastern U.
Prosecutor Ieuan Morris said Jones subjected the woman to "a cruel, deplorable, sexual and sadistic attack".
Foster mother Eunice Spry was jailed for 14 years yesterday for subjecting three children in her care to a "horrifying catalogue of cruel and sadistic treatment".
Eighteen months after her ordeal at the hands of the sadistic 'Stiletto Murderer', fashion model and forensic psychology student Makedde Vanderwall must confront her demons when she returns to Sydney for the trial.
Misuse Of Power offers a wealth of highly researched documentation on how corrupt and sadistic the very right-wing Republican currently in control of American government truly is.
Strasser has clearly done extensive research into the lives of homeless teens, and the pain of homelessness is made vividly real: not only being cold and hungry, but also scratching bedbug bites, not being able to afford medicine when you get sick, worrying about falling prey to stalkers, and being humiliated by people who consider homeless kids scum, like the sadistic security guard who forces Maybe and Rainbow to clean a public library bathroom naked after catching them washing up there.