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The area sadly needs schools where the management is strong and determined for the benefit of the pupils who, sadly, often get no parental encouragement and, when the area's leading newspaper takes such an apathetic attitude, what chance to the kids have?
Amanda will be sadly missed by all her loving family and friends.
Too much emphasis has been placed on Mostyn Street and sadly businesses on the other forgotten streets have suffered.
Will be sadly missed by her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.
Loving memories of a dear mum and nan, sadly missed, always loved, Erica, Roy, Scott, Tyla, Rosie, Paul and Yvonne.
Even though you lived so far away, always loved and sadly missed by all.
While in my youth all elections brought forth a high poll, this on-going dispute will again sadly result in yet again more meagre poll electorate results.
Other anniversaries sadly forgotten are the 60th of both VE Day and VJ Day and the 400th of the Gunpowder Plot.
Whoever selected and cropped the photographs for this book sadly did not grasp this basic and crucial fact.
NUTT Michael Sadly passed away on Thursday 21st January 2016.