safe conduct

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Amity with France expressly guaranteed safe conduct for merchants in
Likewise, there is little evidence to support the additional claim that the First Congress intended the ATS to encompass claims analogous to the three criminal offenses against the law of nations that Blackstone identified in his Commentaries--namely, violations of rights of ambassadors, safe conduct violations, and piracy.
There was also a plan to give Haber Malik's group, including other MNLF commanders and their followers, a safe conduct pass, said the source.
Under no condition could Senator Pinto leave the country without a safe conduct pass," Choquehuanca said.
Those victims were supposed to enjoy safe conduct and immunity from hostilities under Islam, which prohibits killing them.
According to the report, Correa declared that the safe conduct pass issued by Ecuador's London Embassy in collaboration with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as 'unauthorised'.
He also advised positive negotiations, following an intervention by an intermediary between the United States and Russia, for the safe conduct of the resolution.
The experts said the issues like regulations for payment of compensation in cases of clinical trial related injury or death and standards for ethics committee should get priority to ensure scientific, ethical and safe conduct of drug trials.
The immediate concerns were attacks against foreign ambassadors; piracy on the high seas and safe conduct for foreign diplomats were thrown in for good measure.
There was indeed a disaster during the first Afghan war, when the entire Kabul garrison was destroyed exiting the country under voluntary arrangements, having been given a promise of safe conduct by local chiefs.
Until this hazard is eliminated, proper training andprocedural compliance from flight crews, flight deck crews, and bridge/CIC watch teams are essential to safe conduct of flight operations.