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As a result, it has not been necessary for the QFC to explicitly exclude recipients in compliance with the Safe Harbour Policy in a manner similar to that taken by the DIFC Commissioner.
Interestingly, ADGM issued its Data Protection Regulations on 21 October 2015 - just weeks after the relevant ECJ decision on the Safe Harbour Policy.
At present, 2,850 US companies have signed up to Safe Harbour. Their identities can be publicly viewed via the Commerce Department's online Safe Harbour portal.
In March 2011, it took action against Google for breaching Safe Harbour when it launched its social networking site, Google Buzz.
Thus, to simplify the administration of transfer pricing, the OECD member countries would have to agree upon and implement uniform substantive safe harbour rules.
In addition, where the safe harbour rules of different countries differ, taxpayers may still need to resort to competent authority proceedings to resolve double taxation issues.
Many issues were raised in the submissions that were provided to the Treasury as part of the public consultation process surrounding the new safe harbour provisions.
The Safe Harbour Scheme, which was launched six months ago, is aimed at overcoming the difficulty through a system of certification indicating that a US firm meets the UK's privacy protection requirements.
Noting that Safe Harbour serves regional and national clients and is licensed in 25 states, Horowitz said the clients he serves encompass a wide array of industries, including real estate; manufacturing; transportation (courier, messenger and trucking companies); archives and record storage centers; medical malpractice; and chiropractic malpractice.