safe place

See: cache, refuge
References in classic literature ?
Surely he would prefer writing to Miss Giles to join him when he got to a safe place of refuge, rather than encumber himself with the young lady before he was well out of reach of the far-stretching arm of the law.
These I made up into bales, and stored them into a safe place upon the beach, and then waited hopefully for the passing of a ship.
While Sergeant Cuff still left me free, I had to choose--and at once-- between destroying the nightgown, or hiding it in some safe place, at some safe distance from the house.
A dreadful thing that I was only beginning to realise was, that over all this island there was now no safe place where I could be alone and secure to rest or sleep.
And whenever you signal me to transport you to this safe place, where you are always welcome, I know you are in danger or in trouble.
Everything goes on capitally, my dear Monsieur Bernouin, but here is a man whom I must beg you to put in a safe place.
IN the morning we went up to the village and bought a wire rat-trap and fetched it down, and unstopped the best rat-hole, and in about an hour we had fifteen of the bulliest kind of ones; and then we took it and put it in a safe place under Aunt Sally's bed.
When I saw that your launch must catch us, I put the loot away in a safe place.
We agreed to conceal our loot in a safe place until the country should be at peace again, and then to divide it equally among ourselves.
His studies in the old library have informed him of a safe place of concealment in the palace.
I warned the king that this was not a safe place for strangers.
It is one of 60 venues across Kirklees that now provides this service and the idea is that someone who may have lost their purse, or had something unpleasant said about them, can look for a Safe Place, which displays the special logo.