safe retreat

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Do you think, madame, that France, agitated and disturbed as it is, would be a safe retreat for a dethroned king?
The dungeon where Rosa had induced her father to hide himself, and where for the present we must leave the two, offered to them a perfectly safe retreat, being known only to those in power, who used to place there important prisoners of state, to guard against a rescue or a revolt.
From a safe retreat he saw her pass by and stoop to lift his flowers.
for so the popular vote Inclines, here to continue, and build up here A growing Empire; doubtless; while we dream, And know not that the King of Heav'n hath doom'd This place our dungeon, not our safe retreat Beyond his Potent arm, to live exempt From Heav'ns high jurisdiction, in new League Banded against his Throne, but to remaine In strictest bondage, though thus far remov'd, Under th' inevitable curb, reserv'd His captive multitude: For he, be sure, In highth or depth, still first and last will Reign Sole King, and of his Kingdom loose no part By our revolt, but over Hell extend His Empire, and with Iron Scepter rule Us here, as with his Golden those in Heav'n.
The first danger over, it only remained for the besieged to effect a safe retreat, as it was now near bed-time.
Make him a safe retreat by creating a den with lots of heavy blankets and duvets to muffle sounds.
Sponsored by Purina, which funded the design and construction of the dog park, the Purina Pet Haven will provide survivors of domestic violence and their families (including pets] with a safe retreat while in shelter.
We want the bus to be a safe retreat and appealing to the local community.
Top Tips to reduce firework stress: | Prepare a den for your pet around two |weeks before bonfire night and give them praise when they are relaxed there, so they come to view it as a safe retreat.
Top Afghan leaders seek safe retreat for their families in New Delhi
It is Shaikha Jawaher's dream of establishing a safe retreat for women to pursue their hobbies and activities freely and exclusively that makes the Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC) what it is today.