safe-deposit box

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In online signing of documents, secure access to electronic systems and Zions Bank's electronic safe-deposit box application, each unique TrustID is tied to the owner of the certificate, and, therefore, cannot be forged.
Williams's mastery and control can be illustrated by his questioning of Jacobsen on the seemingly insignificant question of the gloves, specifically the rubber gloves--or gloves--that Connally wore when he gave Jacobsen $ 10,000 to put back in his safe-deposit box to conceal the crime.
The money wasn't big enough and he felt that it was time to attend to his safe-deposit boxes.
During a day-long hearing on Tuesday, Michael Beloff QC, appearing for Mr Al Fayed, said the Home Secretary had "literally lost his sense of proportion" when he allowed the cash-for-questions scandal and the safe-deposit box break-in to tilt the scales against Mr Al Fayed, when there was so much in favour of allowing the well-known and successful businessman naturalisation.
Mr Al Fayed's lawyers will argue that Home Office officials had promised the safe-deposit box incident in 1996 would not be taken into account in reaching the decision, and the Home Secretary should have ignored it.
In the basement of the building there remain several hundred safe-deposit boxes which could be difficult and expensive to remove.
Bank accounts, safe-deposit boxes as well as other assets of the mentioned persons will be frozen upon the decision.
The subject of the public contract is the supply of the type produced furniture, accessories, complementary and atypical furniture range: chairs (office, dining, relaxing chairs), office desks, cabinets (double, single, assemblies, racks) Beds (single), mobile containers, shelving , hangers, panels, receptionist curtains, shelves, map safe, safe-deposit boxes, screens, TV.
For example, 451 million som are kept in safe-deposit boxes to allocate them for the payment of salaries.
well as rent of individual safe-deposit boxes at 50% discount.
The interest in real assets and in safe-deposit boxes may also be linked to offshore clients of Swiss banks, looking to find a way to circumvent pending deals with Germany, Austria and Britain that would tax their secret accounts.
Metropolitan Police detectives were searching through thousands of safe-deposit boxes to track down cash and stolen goods under the British Proceeds of Crime Act.