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You play a safecracker hired by the family of a deceased eccentric and avid collector of safes.
and Gould seek an African-American spokesman for this job, interviewing a number of black writers as possible candidates, eventually Safecracker Gould himself takes the position.
The SAFECRACKER instant win competition requires entrants to register their name, e-mail and age then pick four numbers.
eu and bring somWATCH IT RETIRED safecracker Gal (Ray Winstone, right) is living it up in Spain when he receives an unwanted visit from Logan, an old underworld contact.
Tattooed safecracker George Clooney (above) is part of the gang who are planning a can't-fail heist.
Jude Law is in brilliant form here as a ex-con safecracker who wants to hunt down the man who married his ex-wife, nursed her when she had cancer and raised his kid.
Once part of Glasgow robbery gang the Barlanark Team and an infamous safecracker, Francis rode on the coattails of his elder brother until he died of a heart attack in 2007, aged 55.
Call 029 2063 6464 4 Inside Job The latest in the Summer Repertory Season is set on the Costa del Sol where a professional safecracker enjoys a hedonistic life in the sun, until the stunning Suzy sweeps into his world with an offer he can't refuse.
Stupid Scott is a safecracker who flew to Las Vegas to play poker when he should have been doing unpaid work ordered by a court.
He's joined by the old gang including card shark Rusty (Pitt), master pickpocket Linus (Damon), explosives expert Basher (Don Cheadle), veteran con artist Saul (Carl Reiner) and safecracker Frank (Bernie Mac).
But amazingly even Bond star Pierce Brosnan is giving up his dashing roles to star in a visual effects laden comedy about a safecracker who dies and is reincarnated as a series of animals.