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Safes are easy; safecracking tools don't change much.
But even they can do only so much for a movie that falls back on sub- "Weekend at Bernie's" corpse-carting antics and builds to a safecracking climax.
But George, who once served time for safecracking, warned: "Next time I will use the convict look - a strip with black and white arrows on it.
But the film's uninspired slapstick does not mesh well with its naturalistic setting and tone, and there is virtually no suspense as a doomed safecracking expedition increasingly falls prey to its perps' abject incompetence.
The way out - and into what he hopes will be a cosy new nest with shapely Jennifer Lopez - is a spot of safecracking.
Safecracking information is readily available through legitimate channels.
Hugely influential from the moment it hit international screens in the mid-1950s, this safecracking procedural is both gleefully perverse and decidedly all-business (the actual crime is presented in a wordless, scoreless 30-minute segment of nail-biting precision).
Between sexually hooking up with Ben, Melody arranges for him to meet couple-for-hire Percy and Aurelia (Axel Milberg, Sunnyi Melles), key components in the safecracking job that Kahnitz has lined up.
Jack plays a businessman on the skids who teams up with his safecracking poker buddy (played by Caine) to steal a million-dollar necklace.
Safe Men: Two bad singers are mistaken for safecracking experts.
But Alex has overextended himself - he's one paycheck away from bankruptcy - so he's hatched a plan with the help of his safecracking pal Victor (Michael Caine) to rip off a diamond necklace from one of his Star Island clients.
Kinser, 32, of Columbus, were charged with breaking and entering, safecracking and aggravated theft.