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A depository works as a safekeeper of securities and settles transactions between different parties in the capital market.
Dubai Cindy is the safekeeper of the family's money.
A sign was located on the front check-in desk that read, "Because We Care: For your safety and convenience, a SAFEKEEPER is provided for you in the privacy of your room to secure and protect your valuables.
an advertising agency, reported it has been chosen to handle advertising for Safekeeper, software designed to block offensive and threatening Internet material.
IBM has selected National's SafeKeeper Notebook Trusted Input/Output security device for IBM's latest notebook computer, the IBM ThinkPad T43.
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The sixth type of exchange, by safekeeping, is also just because there is a law, (2) custom, or statute that makes the exchanger a safekeeper, depositary, and guarantor of the money that is given to him or exchanged for something needed by those who give it or send it.
9) The ideal role of the Budget and Accounts Committee can be said to be that of safekeeper of public funds.
They regarded such removal as "tantamount to euthanasia, inconsistent with the physician's role as safekeeper of his or her patient's [well-being]," and they were concerned for the reputation of the hospital.
Master trust and custody: acting as custodian or safekeeper, recordkeeper, and administrator (involving disbursements, tax payments, and accounting services) of securities and other assets and providing trade execution, settlement, cash management, foreign exchange execution, and information services (including investment performance measurement and customized reporting) for private pension plans, public pension plans, and institutional trust funds.
Kozameh's main theme is the female body as a safekeeper of memory.