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Global Trust Depository is currently taking new clients for safekeeping receipts.
Sunstate has licensed SS&C's Lightning Trading, Funding, Safekeeping, DDA General Ledger and Web Portal modules and will benefit from a solution that links front, middle and back office processes.
The repository, which was launched for life insurance policies on September 16, provides policyholders the facility to keep insurance policies in electronic format like demat (dematerialised) shares, doing away with the need for safekeeping a document.
The interview questions also sought elucidation of the formula for calculating the safekeeping fee, the rollover function and process flow of the product.
a) -- I am required to maintain a trust account and I am in compliance with the trust account and safekeeping property rules.
He thought it would be a good idea if he were to present it back to the city for safekeeping.
The 84-year-old said: "The officer said the medal was too valuable to be in my possession and the Army would hold it for safekeeping.
She was a successful novelist before her arrest and deportation, but her manuscript of this pair of interrelated wartime novellas (there were to have been five) was hidden for safekeeping and lay unread for 60 years.
THE memory of the RAF will live on in Stafford after officers handed over historic memorabilia for safekeeping.
Giles called the McDonald's and was told that restaurant employees had found the purse, which had been given to the county sheriff's office for safekeeping.
The court held that even though the SVP Act stated that the purpose of pretrial detention was for evaluation, and the detainees were held for periods exceeding the time needed for evaluation, the Act also provided for a safekeeping component.