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Cryo conserving milk for the safekeeping of genetics.
Safekeeping Receipts can be used for: gold mines, coal mines, copper mines, gemstones (rough or cut), real estate, timber land, precious metals, jewelry, heirlooms and more Safekeeping Receipts can be verified by private parties as well as banking institutions, but only with prior written consent from the asset owner.
In order to grow its investment and safekeeping business and further enhance the services it provides to private banking clients, Sunstate needed a low cost, easy-to-implement solution that would allow staff to focus on business growth rather than administration.
If you are worried about safekeeping of your insurance policies, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority's insurance repository will come to your rescue.
This is inclusive of the modus operandi of the current structure, its unique features, formula for calculation of the safekeeping fee, the financing margin, and the redemption mechanism.
When implemented, ERPM's double safekeeping functionality prevents any one individual from having all of the credentials for the powerful privileged accounts that can access an organization's most sensitive data and IT resources," said Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software.
Set in the all-too-near future, in which the American People's Party took power, the President has been assassinated, looters stalk the streets, and the government conducts nightmarish police raids, Safekeeping follows young Radley, who only wants to be with her family.
2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the nation's largest independently owned securities firm is teaming up with the largest correspondent bank in Texas to provide securities safekeeping for financial institutions throughout the U.
Summary: The value of sukuk investments held for safekeeping in Nasdaq Dubai's custody has risen by 36 per cent in the past year, from $100 million to $136 million.
While Citigroup Inc will act as an agent for securities safekeeping for members of Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, it will also provide a proprietary platform to deliver white-labelled settlement and safekeeping services to its member banks.
The CCS plays an integral role in the development of capital markets by providing market access for investors and broker dealers while addressing the growing industry and regulatory demand for segregated safekeeping of investment portfolios.
Prosecutor Helen Hogben said: "His initial account was he lived in a nearby property, heard a smashing noise in the flat and went to investigate and retrieved the computer for safekeeping as he was friend of the owner.