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There are a number of key messages that the Celebrate Safely campaign is focusing on during this festive period, and these are based on keeping warm and safe, distractions while cooking, the use of candles, decorative lights and fireworks, driving, and how to protect yourself burglary.
Pool Safely is a national public information and education campaign to reduce child drownings, non-fatal submersions and entrapments in pools and spas.
The pilot ejected safely when the plane crashed," he said.
The pilot, Flight Lieutenant Taha, ejected safely and was slightly injured.
Safely Phone Controls allows parents to regulate use by automatically disabling certain features during pre-set times; receive alerts when children are contacted by a stranger or add a contact, as well as regular summaries of the phone use; and instantly lock phones from the Android app or computer.
Meet Safely On-Line offers a viable solution to eliminating the crime associated with on-line classified advertising websites, dating websites and social networking websites in helping to prevent criminals from taking advantage of people advertising items for sale, meeting with them only to rob, rape or murder them.
T Andrew, fishing Bloodworm and Buzzers had four for 12lb 8oz and safely returned a further eight.
Chan has creative "TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options: How To Simply & Safely create 12% Returns With Investment Property
When the port mainmount failed to extend, the pilot safely executed an arrested landing.
THE pilot of a light aircraft who got into difficulties while attempting a New Year transatlantic flight was recovering last night after landing safely in Ireland.
However, safely disposing of wastewater and toilet effluent often remains a problem; this problem is exacerbated by the high water table associated with the irrigation system.