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Soon after the aircraft was safely landed back in Mumbai, the airline arranged another aircraft for the passengers.
BEIRUT: State institutions should remind their staff to drive safely on Lebanon's roads, Prime Minister Saad Hariri has said.
The police team got clue and raided a house in Rajana and recovered both the girls safely and
The Pirabad Investigation Police arrested the abductor during a raid in Kemari and rescued the child safely.
'Hello [MMDA], I hope next time you can transport your workers more safely. If we have laws to keep objects in closed trucks to avoid accidents, is it right that your men are exposed to harm this way?' Padilla said.
"We look forward to continued collaboration with shippers as we work to safely transport chemical products through our communities.
The police recovered the minor safely and locked the accused behind the bars.
However, the aircraft safely landed at Peshawar airport at 11:45 am.
"Fortunately all Hindu Pilgrims were rescue safely and shifted to safe places.
But it's also true that Microsoft has been sending mixed messages about the need to safely remove drives for a while, and the operating system definitely still features a vestigial "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" feature.
The Quick removal policy keeps storage operations going in such a way that USB storage devices can be unplugged at any time without needing the Safely Remove Hardware process.
Summary: Flight 423 was escorted safely back to the airport by Singapore's air force