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Would to God,'' said the Lady Rowena, ``he were here safely arrived, and able to bear arms in the approaching tourney, in which the chivalry of this land are expected to display their address and valour.
Then the beautiful girl said to him, 'If you succeed in bringing the mare back safely the third day, ask the Mother Dragon to give you a foal of the mare as a reward.
It is said, in the first place, that so small a number cannot be safely trusted with so much power.
Nevertheless I will readily give him such advice, in all good faith, as will be likely to bring him safely to his own country.
The boat was intended for the purpose of going closer to the reef of rocks than a large vessel could safely venture.
The ship So-and-so, bound to such a port, and posted as 'overdue,' has been reported yesterday as having arrived safely at her destination.
How relieved she was when she had got safely under the oaks and among the fern of the Chase
Ah, we safely may trust to its gleaming, And be sure it will lead us aright -- We safely may trust to a gleaming That cannot but guide us aright, Since it flickers up to Heaven through the night.
For this I shall impatiently wait, and meanwhile can safely assure you that I never was more at ease, or better satisfied with myself and everything about me than at the present hour.
When both the animals had been safely put under lock and key, he felt that he might breathe more freely.
At once the tree began shaking all its branches as if in pain, and the Tin Woodman passed safely under it.
Cautiously I retraced my way to the roof, and I must admit that it was with no pleasant sensation that I raised my eyes once more above its edge; but, to my relief, there was no one in sight, and a moment later I stood safely upon its broad surface.