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Trainer Gay Kelleway questions the safeness of Wolverhampton's all-weather track after the death of Money For Fun in a five-horse pile-up
Narratives of life "there" are grounded in a sense of the security, safeness, and completeness of life, based upon well-established networks, connections, and roots, which had been built up often over generations.
However, the Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago reported that death sentences had been overturned because of doubts about the safeness of the conviction.
Although not actually required, most offshore Safety Case Regimes (including Piper Alpha) do include a very detailed quantitative assessment of risk that demonstrates inherent system safeness.
The USDA evaluates the package's safeness specific to the purpose of its use, she added.
With increasing safety regulations, sanitary safeness has become important to the consumer.
For example, if you have particular defects, you can extract them from the coffee and there's no doubt on the absolute safeness on all types of decaffeinated coffee no matter how they are done.
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All the kinds horses and all the kinds men might be able to put the pieces together again, but could they ever restore that precious American intrinsic - the feeling of safeness, carefreeness, and invincibility?
When soldiers are questioned about the safeness of an area, their answers will vary significantly based on their knowledge of the basic principles and organization of demining operations--training, information collection and surveys, planning, the mission, and mine-awareness training programs.
Petersburg, Bea begins to be able to give Jakob the sense of closeness and safeness that had been missing from his life.