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No increased risk of NSAID-associated adverse event was associated with the administration of indomethacin, indicating the safeness of rectal indomethacin.
(150) See supra note 43 (explaining trials done by drug company or sponsors, verifying safeness and effectiveness done by CDER).
Although previous studies showed that CCTV did not significantly decrease the crime, it could be helpful in providing a sense of safeness [7].
Technological advancements in this century alone have enabled scientists to certify the safeness of GMOs over and over again.
Smith's harshest critics often came from his homeland, with the Guardian bemoaning the album's "safeness," and the Telegraph's Helen Brown likening the album's songs to "saggy old mattresses," lamenting, "It's a shame to see a talented guy rushed into making the wrong record."
Morbidity due to abortion was also reduced; however, some studies found that it is dependent on the safeness and precedence of the misoprostol used by the women (17,18).
Self-compassion as a predictor of social safeness in Turkish university students
Thinness in the pursuit for social safeness: An integrative model of social rank mentality to explain eating psychopathology.
Likewise, the liability of inimical effects while administering the metals and minerals containing traditional medicines is to be explored for its safeness. In Siddha system of medicine, the raw materials like plant, mineral, and animal resources are acquired from the natural surroundings.
They can be used to verify three key properties of a discrete-event system: Liveness (avoidance of deadlock), safeness (no request of ongoing operations), and reversibility (ability to return to the initial state).