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Again and again he did it, until the safe was empty.
I wanted to offer to bet two dollars she hadn't, but I reckoned maybe it was just as safe to not to.
A coach was ready at the door, and Dolly found herself safe and whole inside, between her father and mother, with Emma Haredale and her uncle, quite real, sitting opposite.
The Company offers a wide range of products and services for businesses, government agencies, and homeowners - including consulting and engineering, locking hardware and safes, GSA Containers, access control and more.
will manufacture eRoomSystem's existing safe line and will additionally manufacture four of its stand-alone electronic safes on a private label basis for eRoomSystem.
Hotels are reporting bigger bottom lines and revenue rewards received from their in-room refreshment centers and safes from eRoomSystem Technologies Inc (Nasdaq: ERMS).
Hamilton Safe is the industry's leading manufacturer of UL listed vaults, vault doors, safe deposit boxes, TL and TRTL-15, 30 and X6 safes, receipt-generating DACS night depository systems, pneumatic drive-up equipment, entrance control systems and electronic surveillance systems.
Michel, President and CEO of Brink's Home Security stated, "Based on the strength and reputation of the Brink's name, we saw a tremendous opportunity to extend the brand into home safes.
The crackers are baked into cubes that look like little safes.
A firm supplying safes is at the forefront of technology.
While the sale of many firearms and related products is on the slow side, safes are selling extremely well with profit margins in the 30 to 40 percent range.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Safes & Vaults in Millions of US$.