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Here is the safest way, in one respect, but with most danger in another.
Some memory of pain, I found, still made that place the safest from the Beast Folk.
Ratonneau and Pomegue are the nearest islands of all those that surround the Chateau d'If, but Ratonneau and Pomegue are inhabited, as is also the islet of Daume, Tiboulen and Lemaire were therefore the safest for Dantes' venture.
Therewith she went down into the cave to look for the safest hiding places, while Ulysses brought up all the treasure of gold, bronze, and good clothing which the Phaeacians had given him.
But in republics there is more vitality, greater hatred, and more desire for vengeance, which will never permit them to allow the memory of their former liberty to rest; so that the safest way is to destroy them or to reside there.
It seems to me, however," said Mazarin, "the safest method.
As for the Giant, being of a very lofty stature, it was easy enough to see him, but safest to keep out of his sight.
The Indian trails were their safest guides, for though they sometimes appeared to lead them out of their direct course, they always conducted them to the passes.
For a man caught, as it were, between his skipper and the great West Wind silence is the safest sort of diplomacy.
On my suggestion he remained al- most entirely in the bathroom, which, upon the whole, was the safest place.
Hollister attended them to the door in person, cautioning her guests as to the safest manner of leaving her premises
Or why had not she rather gone to her own room, as she had felt to be safest, instead of attending the rehearsal at all?