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One of the controversies revolves around who can claim to be the inventor of the safety lamp.
In addition to the self-extinguishing feature, the Woodhead Safety Lamp includes an arc tube shield to protect workers from injury due to falling hot glass.
A notice should be sent out by Trading Standards notifying the public of the difference between an authentic and reproduction safety lamp.
ALL OVER: Safety lamp held aloft after last shift, miner leaves locker room for final time, above, and Alan, right; ANGER: Protest at closure
From the new, portable safety lamp with self-extinguishing feature to the durable and energy-efficient LED handlamp - all over the world, in dry, wet, and hazardous locations, workers depend on the rugged, reliable performance of Woodhead lights.
Tenders are invited for Dgms Approved Flame Safety Lamp
Stephenson's safety lamp was demonstrated a month before the eminent scientist Humphry Davy demonstrated his very different lamp to the Royal Society.
The second dates back to 1815 and George Stephenson's invention of a miners' safety lamp," said David.
1778: Sir Humphry Davy, chemist and inventor of the miners' safety lamp, was born in Penzance.
1778: Sir Humphrey Davy, chemist and inventor of the miner's safety lamp, was born in Penzance.
ANSWER: 1 Mud; 2 The thorax; 3 Darwin; 4 Leaves used in salads; 5 The Sudetenland; 6 Sir Humphr(e)y - Davy being the inventor of the safety lamp and Appleby the cabinate secretary; 7 The Birds; 8 Jeff Thomson; 9 Grenada; 10 Milan.