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Based on publicly available data sources, the ATRA has selected 15 criteria contributing to a general safety profile.
We have also obtained evidence of a set of positive clinical outcomes, which make sense from a physiological perspective; and with well over 300 patients and healthy volunteers already exposed to the product, we have a very good safety profile.
With the increasing scrutiny placed on environmental impact and safety, Callisto is particularly advantageous due to a highly desirable environmental and safety profile with respect to birds, fish, honeybees and beneficial insects.
Because of its safety profile, cox-2 inhibitors may be considered a class of their own and, thus, may not be suited to a traditional tiered co-pay system.
The new Safety Profile for VxWorks delivers advanced time and space partitioning capabilities to ensure reliable, interference-free consolidation of multiple applications with different levels of safety criticality on one hardware platform, single or multi-core.
From a dataset of the 92 most important airlines in term of financial revenues, the top ten airlines 2012 (2010 data) from the holistic safety profiles are (by alphabetic order): Air Canada, Air France-KLM, AMR Corp.
The safety profile in the double-blind portion of the Phase 3 trial was comparable between the treatment group and the placebo group, with no Aldurazyme-related serious adverse events.
The study results showed that BL-1020 was well tolerated and showed an improved safety profile reducing extrapyramidal symptoms that are experienced with currently available therapies.
Betahistine has a proven safety profile and has been shown to be effective in weight reduction in pilot studies.
Based on the excellent safety profile and favorable pharmacokinetics, the Company will explore a continuous dosing schedule prior to initiation of Phase 2 testing with ARQ 197 in the second quarter of 2007.
The combination of a potentially new mechanism of action and an attractive safety profile makes this compound potentially useful either alone or in combination with existing alternatives.

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