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Tabanus sagax Osten Sacken, 1876) Synonymy: Atylotus baal Townsend, 1895; Tabanus dawsoni Philip, 1931
Spawnerrecruit patterns and investigation of Allee effect in Pacific sardine Sardinops sagax caeruleus in the Gulf of California, Mexico.
MIVT looks forward to working with SagaX to conclude this agreement and making this new technology available to medical practitioners in many major world markets," said Alan Lindsay, MIV Therapeutics President and Chief Executive Officer.
189) Two species of sardines were involved; one species, Sardinops sagax is found mainly in the eastern Pacific off the Peruvian and Chilean coast.
A virus, possibly introduced via baitfish for offshore fish farming, is suspected in two massive pilchard (Sardinops sagax neopilchardus) die-offs in Australian waters (1995, 1998 to 99) (Gaughan et al.
Gaughan DJ Mitchell RW and Blight SJ (2000) Impact of mortality, possibly due to herpes virus, on pilchard Sardinops sagax stocks along the south coast of Western Australia in 1998-99.
Potential impact of a seasonal migratory jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) stock on a Gulf of California sardine (Sardinops sagax caerulea) population.
540-600), in a panegyric to King Chilperic, played extensively on the language of both "arms and laws" and "arms and letters" to praise the achievements of this Christian ruler: "Inter utrum sagax, armis et iure probatus / belliger hinc radias, legifer inde micas.
and our recently announced agreement with Val d'Or Sagax are part of IDS's strategy to build critical mass in our geophysical business and to gain economies of scale," said Dr.
MIVT has acquired two major subsidiaries, including Biosync Scientific in India and SagaX in Israel to significantly expand product offerings, as well as design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities.
Empirical evidence in Sardinops sagax and Engraulis ringens off northern Chile.