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Recent growth rate of larval pilchards Sardinops sagax in relation to their stable isotope composition, in an upwelling zone of the East Australian Current.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-5 June 2008-Swedish property company AB Sagax acquires five commercial properties in Malmo and Danderyd(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Studies conducted in the same regions during January, February, May, and September of 1989, however, identified larvae belonging to 24 families with Gobiidae (especially Gillichthys y-cauda) as the dominant taxa numerically (62.4%) followed by Gerreidae (15.6%) and Clupeidae (especially Sardinops sagax, 10.5%).
MacCall AD (1976) Density dependence of catchability coefficient in the California Pacific sardine, Sardinops sagax caerulea, purse seine fishery.
Comparison of seasonal variability in the reproduction of Pacific sardine (Sardinox sagax) from Baja California Sur, Mexico, in the years 1982-1992.
The spotter pilots search the offshore areas from off Baja California, Mexico, to the Monterey Bay area for concentrations of such target species as the northern anchovy, Engraulis mordax; Pacific or chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus; jack mackerel, Trachurus symmetticus; Pacific bonito, Sarda chiliensis; Pacific sardine, Sardinops sagax; and bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus.
and Mexico primarily by purse-seine vessels that also harvest anchovy (Engraulis mordax), jack mackerel (Trachurus symmetricus), market squid (Loligo opalescens), and sardine (Sardinops sagax).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-24 January 2008-Swedish property company AB Sagax acquires property at Solna Business Park(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Group II included many of the more abundant species observed in impingement surveys across the Southern California Bight (MBC 2005a, MBC 2005b), including queenfish, walleye surfperch, jacksmelt (Atherinopsis californiensis), Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax), Pacific pompano (Peprilus simillimus), white croaker, and topsmelt (Figure 4).
It is a eutrophic-antiestuarine water body where the fishery has a variety of target species, sardines (Sardinops sagax and Opisthonema libertate), scallop (Argopecten circularis), and blue crab (Callinectes bellicosus).
Examples of these are the increase of the northern anchovy Engraulis mordax with the decline of the California sardine Sardinops caerulea; increase of the sardine Sardinops sagax with decline of the Peruvian anchoveta Engraulis ringens; and the decline of the South African pilchard Sardinops ocellata and increase of the anchovy Engraulis japonicus.