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The 1D lads initially gave them some standard advice, with Liam sagely advising them "Just go out there and have fun", while Louis said "Just be yourselves.
It's better that he stays down there' God so sagely thought, 'Spending all eternity With others of his sort
What were Messrs Hill and Dharmasena thinking about when they produced their light meters, sagely shook their heads and took the players off at Edgbaston?
I like the chilli one better than the sage," said Mrs Smith, er, sagely.
After all," she notes sagely, "cleanliness is important.
The author also briefly assesses the situation in Oman and Saudi Arabia and sagely observes that despite some disturbances the generally less onerous aspects of their governments and the vigilant security apparatus of both countries have ameliorated the conditions that led to revolts in the other Arab countries.
Some things are better left where they lie," sagely notes one of the characters.
I'm sure if Baroness Vedura, a tiny Ugandan-born woman, had been Baron Von Claptrapp of Kensington, we'd all have been nodding sagely at her comments.
Newspaper editorial writers, in the popular imagination at least, are ivory-tower figures pulling on their pipes while pronouncing sagely on everything from Afghanistan to zoning.
It was, we were sagely told, "the only way" the 2010 regs could be met.
Terry himself has sagely noted that Classical architectural grammar remains neutral, like the paint on an artist's palette, so what his disparagers detest is clearly the mere existence of any grammar at all.
Somewhat sagely, the series has cast actors associated with past sci-fi films and programs.