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Sagging can be reduced or prevented by raising the viscosity of the paint at low shear stress or rate and/or by applying thinner coats of paint.
The Quartz Hill High School report said the major violations of the dress code are ``nonschool baseball caps, males sagging their pants, and females with bare midriffs.
Melt phase thermoforming of PP is difficult to perform because of the poor sagging resistance of the polymer.
Different techniques have been used to characterize the properties of PP to predict its sagging behavior and processability in thermoforming [1, 10].
The sagging process consisted of creating a form made of refractories that meet the concave-convex shape requirements of mirror designers.
The successful completion of the sagging milestone can be attributed to Corning's wealth of experience in supplying astronomy ULE mirrors and the excellent performance of the team in Canton, N.
To prevent sagging in low-VOC coatings, where there is very little evaporation of solvents, coating formulations must be pseudoplastic(1) In the automotive industry, three major types of rheology control agents are used to control sagging: fumed silica, microgels, and urea crystals (SCA).
Sagging can be reduced or prevented by raising the low shear rate viscosity of the paint and/or applying thinner coats of paint.