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Now weighing a healthy 10st 9lb, Steph said despite her dramatic weight loss she still feels insecure about her body after she was left with saggy excess skin on her arms, stomach and legs which causes painful sores across her body and limits her mobility.
Suddenly that old bloke in the saggy d ms riding a Segway eems forgettable.
"He would show me this saggy pant--it's one of the things He did not do.
Or as my friend put it, "If you want it enough, you fix your saggy butt and go back."
Which makes me think that maybe youths in saggy jeans should get sponsorship from the National Health.
Saggy pants, according to common lore, started in prisons as the result of ill-fitting uniforms.
A CARE home boss who told an elderly woman she had "saggy" breasts that she should tuck into her skirt has been punished by nursing chiefs.
New York, May 12 ( ANI ): An Israel-based medical device company has designed a new "internal bra" that could give their saggy breasts along lasting lift.
THE GREAT BRITISH SEWING BEE BBC2, 8pm They've made prom dresses, pyjamas and some slightly saggy leggings - surely the contestants must now be ready for pretty much anything judges May Martin and Patrick Grant throw at them?
In an interview with local news outlet ( WWLTV , he said "There is nothing positive about people wearing saggy pants.
Next we'll talk about the youth And how they got it wrong With their saggy pants and backward caps And rap that's not a song.
"Because I don't want to be 90-years old - well I do want to be 90 years old - I actually want to be 190 years old, but I don't want to have a saggy tattoo.