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Let me ask you now:--How would you arrange goods--are there not some which we welcome for their own sakes, and independently of their consequences, as, for example, harmless pleasures and enjoyments, which delight us at the time, although nothing follows from them?
all for the sake of the very last thing in the world that is likely to happen.
For God's sake,' replied Tom, suddenly, 'don't talk about bankers
On the other hand, in the example he mentioned to prove how love for the sake of love takes place, the love is one sided and sooner or later must disappear.
There wasn't a lot of selection and what did come to us was an inferior brew," says Ed Lehrman, founder of Vine Connections, a wine and sake importer.
4 : something given up especially for the sake of helping others
Rice "wine" is something of a misnomer, since sake is more closely related to brewing with a grain than fermenting fruit juice.
the sake of his swaggering--wreck before him she bleats her belated
Sake has been produced in Japan since between 300BC and 200BC when the practice of wet rice cultivation was introduced from China.
The next thing you know, you've ingested sake and martinis and wake up with a hangover, coupled with a tattoo and an orange safety cone stuck to your car's radiator.