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Saki said that it is not the job of bar to p[raise judges but infact it is a watch dog to pinpoint the mistakes made by the Judges.
Many of the animals within the pyramid are free-roaming, like the saki monkeys and cotton-top tamarins.
The successful predation of a juvenile female black-bearded saki occurred during primate surveys on 21 February 2010 at 02[degrees] 21.
And it is all due to the biological and chemical components of the therapeutic mud of Saki.
Afrikan Alphabets: The Story of Writing in Afrika by Saki Mafundikwa Mark Batty Publisher, May 2004 $34.
Monroe, also known as Saki, in his story "The Open Window," has the hunters stride across the fields, hovering between worlds all headed toward a french door, and the visitor flees.
Panorama City resident Saki Uechi, a junior who helped Granada Hills win a City Section boys' championship, ranks fourth on the Bruins in scoring at 74.
He claims that during his 67 days at a Norfolk prison he read nine Shakespeare plays; three Dickens novels; books by Hermann Hesse, Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh; and short story collections by HE Bates, O Henry, Saki, Somerset Maugham and John Mortimer.
Because Saki's mother is always late, Saki has decided that she is not going to get married unless her mother shows up.
Not surprisingly, they are central to Gunter Bischof and Saki Dockrill's international history of the 1955 Geneva Summit.
I'm off to Afghanistan after a night on the saki but change my mind in the morning.
In Saki, a town in southwestern Nigeria, Muslim extremists angered by Easter activities embarked on street demonstrations, burning two Baptist churches.