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Benmelech studies the relationship of asset salability, to capital structure.
"Unix still maintains the edge in stability and salability," says Paul Barker, director of technical development for J.D.
Faustyn said 6 Pack will build upon the strengths of Novell's NetWare 5 and include enhancements that will enable boost network performance, salability and server management by multi-processor enabling all of NetWare's core networking services.
Common sense and experience teach us that there is a direct link between the price of an asset and it's "salability" (the ease and speed at which it can sell).
“This direct connection will allow hotels to improve the salability of their distressed inventory and remain visible in the Hotwire marketplace,” said Tara Stangel, Senior Director of Hotel Supplier Relations at
At the very least, it adds "salability" because Mag-na-port's workmanship is of high quality, the system works and it's a very clean modification.
Gerard O'Keefe, Nourison: "We're creating more salability. " / Matt Blitz, Nourison: "The division was created to fill a hole in the market."
The data can also be applied against lender- and investor-defined rules to help ensure proper program execution and asset salability. The Mavent Expert System provides loan officers or brokers with simple instructions on how to correct any compliance exceptions, so that they are confident of the asset's salability.
Their art, the artists hoped, would defy salability, repel the slim-suited bankers and their Mary Quant-clad girl-wives who just loved Lichtenstein prints, and cause "alternative spaces" to rush in and show the stuff precisely because it was so virtuously unattractive.
As expected, Novell Inc yesterday announced the next version of its Novell Directory Services (NDS), touting salability up to five times the current capacity of today's users on the internet.
A $16.5 million sale for 14 condominiums at Trump Palace has spotlighted that building's continuing salability, something developer Donald J.
The ruling concludes that the expectation of being able to sell stock in any auction does not rise to the level of a guarantee of salability, because an auction may fail.