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There is $10 trillion in wealth looking for businesses to acquire that have been made salable.
Although dross is salable, the dross recycler pays for metallic content at a sharp discount.
a developer of biorefineries for the conversion of renewable biomass into fuels and chemicals, today announced it has produced bio-based acetic acid at the purity concentration level of a salable product.
The MBWS-TD04 is a medical waste stream remediation process that results in total destruction of toxic medical wastes, the creation of salable recyclable by-products and has zero adverse impact on the environment including zero emissions and zero land fill requirements.
bought the property in late 1999 with plans to clean deposits from a former oil refinery and make the land salable for a business park, city Planning Director Jeff Lambert said.
The ratings reflect the uncertain strength/fragility of recovery by the industry, the potential for further loss of packaging business to overseas manufacturing markets, and the absence of any readily salable assets that SSCC could use to reduce debt.
Those plants, nurtured year-round under artificial sun lamps, yield roughly one-eighth of a pound of salable marijuana, Nelson said.
Although further testing is required at Biovail's Steinbach, Manitoba manufacturing facility, Biovail confirmed that approximately 60% of the shipment is salable and may be re-shipped within the next 30 days.
Manufacturers can now serve both the 50-Hz and 60-Hz electrical markets with a single product line, while realizing more net salable power from their existing generator sets without making any changes to the prime mover engine.
Building on its theme of "The Bandwidth Force", the Coriolis demonstration will reinforce how OptiFlow "overdrives" the network to increase salable bandwidth by using dynamic bandwidth allocation and statistical multiplexing to efficiently over-subscribe the network.
is developing and building the LEC2000(TM) system, which produces salable electricity at previously unattained efficiencies, making the operation of the technology exceptionally profitable in the European market.
Orex is continuing to modify its leaching process to maximize recovery of all salable products and is optimizing the economics of the process for vein material found on all current Orex claims.