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In phase 1, they will conduct laboratory testing and prepare their technical design for a pilot plant to produce salable REEs; (DOE: $1 million); and
Although dross is salable, the dross recycler pays for metallic content at a sharp discount.
High Yield, Economical, Large Scale Production of Marketable Rare Earth Element Products from Coal Mining Refuse Equinox Chemicals LLC (Albany, GA) and project partners will conduct laboratory testing and prepare a technical design for a pilot plant to produce salable REEs.
Lower maintenance charges would make apartments in that building much more salable in any market.
Sessions will cover secrets of penetrating a well-chosen market niche; search engine optimization strategies; systems that quickly and easily generate salable CDs, e-books, audios, videos, and DVD courses; simple adjustments to common marketing tactics that double and triple sales without much effort; how to make connections and structure the deal for joint ventures and affiliate income; and reminders of where the biggest money always lies, whatever your target market.
A little known architect has designed some of the most salable and important residential buildings going up in New York and other cities today.
Byrne's comments on sexual imagery in visual promotion might also serve as a succinct critique of the authors' unwillingness to come up with anything more than a salable premise: "There's no context, or very little.
Road to F..No.84/B via R-32 Reservation (Salable Comm (4) F.P.No.74/B to R-23 Reservation (Fire Station) via F.P.No.73 (5) F.P.No.73 to F.P.No.62/A via R-30 Reservation (S.E.W.S.) in D.T.P.S.No.60 (Puna) by footpath with precast C.C.Kerb and Rubber moulded Paver Block with in E.Z.(Varachha), Surat
Qualified consultants who also understand the ownership perspective can make the difference in restructuring a loan or creating a debt or equity transaction that's financial structure is as much a salable commodity as the real estate itself.