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Other variations of the transcript described either a salacious alibi (watched an X-rated movie) or a nonsalacious alibi (watched a regular movie), and a noncredible corroborator (brother/neighbor having a past criminal record) or a credible corroborator (brother/neighbor having no past criminal record.
It seems plausible, but it would also seem that in the past couple of seasons CTV has had broader ambitions and has been triangulating to include the salacious and the ideological left.
One of the many salacious historical kernels Clausen has unearthed concerns a never-built sound installation that would have paired a work by John Cage with the Lippold sculpture on the building's west entrance: "Cage devised a system whereby the movement of people going in and out of the lobby would activate photoelectric cells; these in turn would release Muzak .
Media and popular accounts of these allegations have tended to highlight the most salacious and lurid details while silencing alternative memories or accounts and ignoring the historical context.
Will family values interdict the rather salacious edge of the Hubba cartel?
Do the critics of Wal-Mart and the salacious women of Desperate Housewives wallow together in that very human pleasure taken in other people's misery?
Staff hope the appointment will help change the public's image of the home as a museum, and bring some of its salacious history to life.
The Propos, for example, present (through conversation under an oak) the comedic, often salacious portrait of old villagers, happenings, and customs in a simple rural life.
Within a decade the rise of the "penny press" provided cheap daily newspapers with large sections dedicated to salacious and scandalous crime stories, and in 1836 the newborn New York Herald and Sun outdid each other in their sensationalist reporting on the ax-murder of a notorious prostitute, establishing once and for all that the more gruesome the details, the more avid the readership.
YOU might have heard rumblings of a controversial under-age sex storyline in this new series of BBC Wales' Belonging, and tonight the seeds of salacious sin are most definitely sown.
My friend was eager to learn more, but when I mentioned that the woman was black, he reacted with unabashed horror and salacious curiosity.
Using his friend John Carpenter to help him videotape his sexual exploits, Crane became completely obsessed with his salacious proclivity, allowing his career and family life to fall apart.