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Naturally, the writers have cooked up a more salacious scenario.
Saturdays are hosted by Salacious, a night full of glamour and funk with Bellini Babes.
Crane would often refer to Carpenter as bisexual, and one salacious rumor tied Carpenter sexually to Hogan's Heroes costar Richard Dawson--possibility "I certainly wasn't going to touch
This patent-pending filtering technology, called Dynamic Document Review(tm), gained recent attention because of its singular ability to effectively screen the salacious details contained in the Starr Report.
Despite offering the same salacious ingredients as the original, "Basic Instinct 2" has been a box-office disaster.
She, on the other hand, whether through revenge or greed, has decided to write in the most salacious detail about the affair and in so doing has brought hurt and humiliation to her former husband, her current husband, her children, Norma Major and the Majors' children.
To the extent that she thought she was pulling the trigger on salacious and inflammatory information helpful to Marjorie Knoller, the gunpowder is all over her face.
In response to the salacious desire for "Real World" information by viewers and the incredible ratings for "Real World" (Up 73% from the series debut in 1992 and 24% from the last season), MTV will premiere "Real World Live Wire Chat" on Tuesday, December 1, 1998, 10:00PM.
On top of a good political food fight, we'd get to rehash all the salacious parts from the Starr Report.
The Independent Television Commission is expected to rule that this cruel, salacious garbage, which went out at 5pm, should not have been broadcast when children were watching.
Readers expecting a series of salacious revelations will be disappointed, however; they'd be better advised to reread Arthur Laurents's lust-drenched autobiography.