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George Thompson salaciously alluded to this practice in his 1849 novel, New-York Life: The Mysteries of Upper Tendom Revealed.
The harem is carefully, not salaciously, described.
(11) Among the ironies in such commentary one can see that those who lambaste what they see as the suffocatingly restrictive rules of Islam lack the historical perspective (despite their claims to being 'conservative' of the past) to remember that as recently as the 19th-century Orientalist attitudes towards the Near East were endlessly titillated by these very same Islamic cultures, which looked salaciously libertine when compared to Victorian 'conservative' values!
"Either she gives you her daughter or she pays," he smiled salaciously.
Then there was the surreal spectacle of out Tony nominee John Tartaglia using gay puppet Rod from Avenue Q to flirt salaciously with the real--and Republican!--Steve Wynn at a press event marking the show's debut last summer.
Reade salaciously reconfirms Du Chaillu's claim of the sexually predatory nature of male apes, however (Reade 181-86).
Mainstream news organizations, desperate to find ways to report on hot technologies while still delivering the news in a sensational, attention-grabbing way, throw around the superlative adjectives promising the benefits of new technologies like tabloids salaciously distributing photos of celebrities leaving rehab clinics.
The real issue is how we characterize the image that Theophile's poetry gives us of himself, because evidence suggests that the judicial and inquisitorial machines take the salaciously delightful sonnet to present a faithful image of the poet's character: Theophile is accused of being a libertine, i.e.
The full passion and horrors of the protagonists don't project as strongly as the story line suggests they should--and certainly not as salaciously as the record cover intimates.
When I mention Merry-Go-Round as one of my favourite Canadian films from the 1960s and salaciously describe its remarkable scene of teenaged boys attending a strip club and salivating over a statuesque dancer taking it all off followed by a graphic scene of one of the boys masturbating to a Playboy centrefold, I am stared at in disbelief especially when I reveal the work's NFB provenance.
The mainstream press rarely deal with gay issues in any way other than salaciously or with negativity.
One day, while the pair were "sitting at home enjoying ourselves," as Brown said, laughing salaciously, and listening to Dave Brubeck's song "Take Five," it all started to became clear.