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Using Wilk's Lambda, we found a significant multivariate main effect of alibi salaciousness, F(20, 71) = 1.
Beatty is famously enigmatic and egotistical, making any biographer's task a challenge, but Peter Biskind manages to capture the essence of the man with just the right combination of scholarship and salaciousness.
Since the punch line is not the slightest bit amusing, the humor of the joke is entirely dependent on the degree of salaciousness that the teller can achieve in describing the acts.
Not for everyone, but it doesn't shy away from the issues and there's not a touch of salaciousness to it.
Scott further contemplates the style of Ferran's filmic adaptation and its relevance for contemporary audiences: "'Ms Ferran has rediscovered both the novel's originality and the source of its durable appeal, which is not salaciousness but candor" (11).
But you have to understand that advertising isn't interested in promoting the level of salaciousness or shallowness that is often ascribed to it.
This is a profound story of emergence from childhood trauma, and its avoidance of salaciousness, predictability and didacticism make it an engrossing read.
Melingo - Maldito Tango (Manana) The darkness of Nick Cave, the gruff danger of Tom Waits, the charm of Paolo Conte and the salaciousness of Serge Gainsbourg - they are all there in the music of Daniel Melingo.
It is perhaps unintentional, but Shoot Down reasserts the controversy and complexity of the Clinton years, often obscured in hindsight by the salaciousness of the Lewinsky scandal and the failures of the Bush presidency.
Of course, it's all good-natured fun, but at times the film does lapse into a bit of simplistic salaciousness with lingering shots at short skirts and suspender belts.
Adding to the salaciousness and media frenzy around the scandal were nude photos of Calheiros' former mistress Veloso adorning the centerfold and cover of the Oct.