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Beatty is famously enigmatic and egotistical, making any biographer's task a challenge, but Peter Biskind manages to capture the essence of the man with just the right combination of scholarship and salaciousness.
Shocking still the sheer salaciousness of the prose, even in the works
18) Their excesses produce a "heterogeneous mass of insipid and laboured efforts," and Robinson emphasizes the salaciousness of their enterprise when "trembl[ing], lest that chaos of dissipated pursuits which has too long been growing like an overwhelming shadow .
TV "news" and talk shows are full of salaciousness.
6) Jonson himself was a master of satiric railing and tonal mimicry, George Chapman of gnarled syntax and shifting imagery, Thomas Middleton of ironic salaciousness, to name only the most prominent of Marston's peers.
and the obligatory trailer for next week promised much, much more comedy horror and general, spicy salaciousness.
The inclusion of "heaven" might try to spiritualize the embrace described here, but Jones is clearly aware of the dubious nature of his simile, both in terms of its salaciousness and the jarring comparison of the speaker to a female virgin.
The girl-on-girl action gave the moment a certain edgy salaciousness that had eluded dramatic high points of previous editions of the show, most of which involved too-drunk cast members stumbling about, It also lacked something else, more important for the nation's first reality television program: any element of plausible reality.
Moreover, what might have been intended as a sort of Rabelaisian midsummer night's dream is belabored to the point of salaciousness.
The book is full of gentle,affectionate anecdotes, with Graham explaining: ``Anyone could write a book which hinted about someone sleeping with someone else, but I'm so bored with all that gossip and salaciousness.
Despite these raw elements, including brief snippets from pornographic shorts the teacher views at a peep show emporium she frequents, the film is more a character-driven study of a middle-aged woman on the brink of madness than an exercise in salaciousness, though far, far from light entertainment.