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SALARY. A reward or recompense for services performed.
     2. It is usually applied to the reward paid to a public officer for the performance of his official duties.
     3. The salary of the president of the United States is twenty-five thousand dollars per annum; Act of l8th Feb. 1793; and the constitution, art. 2, s. 1, provides that the compensation of the president shall not be increased or diminished, during the time for which he shall have been elected.
     4. Salary is also applied to the reward paid for the performance of other services; but if it be not fixed for each year, it is called honorarium. Poth. Pand. h.t. According to M. Duvergier, the distinction between honorarium and salary is this. By the former is understood the reward given to the most elevated professions for services performed; and by the latter the price of hiring of domestic servants and workmen. 19 Toull. n. 268, p. 292, note.
     5. There is this difference between salary and price; the former is the reward paid for services, or for the hire of things; the latter is the consideration paid for a thing sold. Lec. Elem. Sec. 907, 908.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The company reportedly is not seeking a specific number of salaried employees to take advantage of the buyout offer, which it said would be a benefit to Kohl's financially as well as its associates.
He further said, 'The real impact is on the majority of the salaried class which works within the private sector.
It was therefore proposed that the threshold of taxable income may be revised and fixed at Rs.600,000 for salaried persons and Rs.400, 000 for non-salaried persons, he added.
I am positive this facility will motivate the salaried class to regularly pay their taxes.
It is disappointing that the PTI, which made promises of collecting billions of rupees in taxes from non-payers, has been following the same old approach of squeezing the salaried taxpayers instead of focusing on efforts to expand the tax net.
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a United States-based automaker, has informed employees that it will be laying off a total of 800 salaried jobs in the United States by August 2019.
We are still working through the final wave of the redesign, but we expect that by the end of the process we will have eliminated about 7,000 salaried positions or about 10% of global salaried workforce,
Having been both on the salaried side and the entrepreneurial side, I can only say one thing, I should have quit being a salaried professional much earlier and just focused on being an entrepreneur!
Minister of State for Revenue Hammad Azhar announced the decision of exempting salaried persons in a tweet: 'The government has decided to waive the penalty for late filing along with the audit for the salaried group of late filer cases.' Although the minister announced the exemption only for the salaried persons, the FBR extended the scheme to those earning money in the form of dividends and profits on debt.
So any salaried persons who is also deriving income from services would have to file the main return form and not the simplified return form for salaried individuals.
I would like to comment on NHS Forth Valley's statement, as reported in the Observer, on their intention to withdraw provision of a salaried GP at Aberfoyle and Buchlyvie medical centres, where I am a patient.