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SALARY. A reward or recompense for services performed.
     2. It is usually applied to the reward paid to a public officer for the performance of his official duties.
     3. The salary of the president of the United States is twenty-five thousand dollars per annum; Act of l8th Feb. 1793; and the constitution, art. 2, s. 1, provides that the compensation of the president shall not be increased or diminished, during the time for which he shall have been elected.
     4. Salary is also applied to the reward paid for the performance of other services; but if it be not fixed for each year, it is called honorarium. Poth. Pand. h.t. According to M. Duvergier, the distinction between honorarium and salary is this. By the former is understood the reward given to the most elevated professions for services performed; and by the latter the price of hiring of domestic servants and workmen. 19 Toull. n. 268, p. 292, note.
     5. There is this difference between salary and price; the former is the reward paid for services, or for the hire of things; the latter is the consideration paid for a thing sold. Lec. Elem. Sec. 907, 908.

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In 2017, half salary was paid from January to November, meaning that, 11 half salaries were yet to be paid because full salary was paid in December.
The growth of salaries is the biggest in mining (8.
Median salaries for doctoral engineers reached $97,300 in 2003, a 7.
It's also projected that public accounting firms will raise salaries.
Because of geographic disparity in healthcare costs, nursing salaries also vary geographically.
While this figure may seem disappointing when compared to the 35% reported gains in non-adjusted median income during the same period (from 1994's $70,100 to 2002's $95,800) it offers a more realistic perspective on salaries in the pulp and paper, and related industries.
The courts and the IRS consider many factors in determining the reasonableness of compensation, including an individual's qualifications, the work involved, the nature of the business, the relationship between gross and net income, business conditions, salaries in relation to dividends, comparable salaries in comparable companies, the salary policy of the company in question, salaries paid in prior years and pension or profit-sharing plans.
Department of Education's reliance on data from the teacher unions on annual teacher salaries, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) plans to add teacher salary data items to its Common Core of Data finance collections.
In two pieces published recently in the Hoover Institute's Education Next journal, economics professor Richard Vedder of Ohio University and Michael Podgursky, chairman of the department of economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia, say teacher salaries compare with salaries of other professionals considering the length of their work day, number of days they work--about 190 days including professional development compared to 240 days for most other professions--and fringe benefits.
Salaries averaged $15,647, which was estimated to be roughly $2,000 more than was earned in 1972.