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SALARY. A reward or recompense for services performed.
     2. It is usually applied to the reward paid to a public officer for the performance of his official duties.
     3. The salary of the president of the United States is twenty-five thousand dollars per annum; Act of l8th Feb. 1793; and the constitution, art. 2, s. 1, provides that the compensation of the president shall not be increased or diminished, during the time for which he shall have been elected.
     4. Salary is also applied to the reward paid for the performance of other services; but if it be not fixed for each year, it is called honorarium. Poth. Pand. h.t. According to M. Duvergier, the distinction between honorarium and salary is this. By the former is understood the reward given to the most elevated professions for services performed; and by the latter the price of hiring of domestic servants and workmen. 19 Toull. n. 268, p. 292, note.
     5. There is this difference between salary and price; the former is the reward paid for services, or for the hire of things; the latter is the consideration paid for a thing sold. Lec. Elem. Sec. 907, 908.

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Vail's salary is small enough," he continued in a second letter, "but as to where it is coming from I am not so clear.
Railroad companies offered Vail a salary that was higher and sure, if he would superintend their mail business.
Formerly they had wardships, courts of justice, now they have the district council--not in the form of bribes, but in the form of unearned salary," he said, as hotly as though someone of those present had opposed his opinion.
With regard to the trifle of salary that is due,' said Mr Wititterly, 'I will'--here he was interrupted by a violent fit of coughing--'I will--owe it to Miss Nickleby.
THE Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Osun chapter on Friday insisted that Governor Rauf Aregbesola's administration is owing teachers in the state 28 months salary arrears, saying the position of the Statistician-General of the state, Professor Wasiu Gbolagade that teachers were not being owed was false and misleading.
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As of 1 September, the minimum salary in agriculture will be 8,080 denars and in the food industry 9,100 denars.
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Data in the Fiscal Year 2006 Salary Report reflect the census date of October 1, 2005.
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