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A transaction whereby land is sold and subsequently rented by the seller from the purchaser who is the new owner.

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a property transaction in which the buyer leases the property to the seller.
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Ader added that his firm is currently bidding on a large multistore sale-leaseback for a mass merchant similar to the ShopKo deal, declining to disclose specifics.
Citing ASA Investerings Partnership the IRS disregarded the transactions as a sham, holding that, in essence, they equated to a basic sale-leaseback transaction between A and D.
13, Accounting for Leases, or as sale-leaseback transactions in accordance with paragraphs 32 and 33 of FASB Statement no.
The sale-leaseback transaction with Sainsbury's is executed at a 5.31% GBP initial cap rate, includes annual rent increases over the duration of the lease term, and carries a weighted average lease term of approximately 15 years.
The transaction represents the second large Verizon sale-leaseback purchase by Mesirow in the past few years.
is a real estate investment trust specializing in corporate sale-leaseback and build-to-suit financing and the acquisition of single-tenant net lease properties
Under pressure to restructure their struggling businesses and raise capital for developing their core assets, firms like Citigroup and Deutsche Bank have turned to sale-leaseback deals to unlock the value of their major assets.
Hunt had no "accounting-related issues" and was "not being investigated by the IRS." He said the sale-leaseback structure was proper and that the IRS hadn't contacted J.B.
The lease is part of a sale-leaseback, and there is a tax avoidance motive.
This month's column discusses a recent consensus reached by the Financial Accounting Standards Board emerging issues task force (EITF or task force) concerning letters of credit issued in conjunction with a sale-leaseback transaction.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 23, 2018-Mesirow Financial appoints new VP of business development to expand sale-leaseback team