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It all may still may sound like a sales pitch but if it can add to the bottom line, it may be worth going along to the RICS interactive launch session on October 3 at the Thistle Hotel, Cardiff.
The deception can continue in the sales pitch consumers get when they call a company's toll-free telephone number for more information.
Looking back, I was a fool and fell for the sales pitch and am having to pay.
Within a few days, Rose had set up a new firm, Atlantic Gold Coins, in his garage, using Universal's records, sales pitch, and victims list.
com visitors can select a Dell product they want as a gift and then match it with a sales pitch they want a celebrity to make on their behalf through a video clip.
para]]Small Business Owners Give their Best Sales Pitch for the Opportunity to Win $10,000 and Extensive Business Coaching[[/para]]
As a featured speaker, Dee Halloran, a veteran in the industry who knows the infomercial world from deep inside, shared her knowledge about what infomercials can teach about selling, how these carefully crafted mini-sales pitches are 100% designed to make viewers want to buy, and gave insider scoop about the anatomy of a great sales pitch.
Timeshare owners were cold-called and offered a two-day mini-break for attending a 90-minute sales pitch, Reading Magistrates Court heard.
There is a significant catalog of prior research that suggests an even-minded consumer's suspicion of a sales pitch does adversely affect the response to that pitch and the sales agent behind it," DeCarlo said.
Kiosks take away that option, making someone vulnerable to a sales pitch for something they may not need, use or especially want.
Sometimes I feel like I'm doing a time-share sales pitch and all I need are balloons to complete the effect.
With no marketing experience or material, Kozlowski says it was a tough challenge to pick up a phone to makes a sales pitch to a prospective client or start door-knocking to get some one-on-one face time.