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This study is expected to contribute to the literature in the following ways: (a) to stimulate discussion of the topic with a view of the scarce literature on the subject (Alvarez & Casielles, 2005; D'Astous & Landreville, 2003); (b) to deepen understanding of non-monetary sales promotion techniques, as they have been unsuccessful in relation to monetary promotions (Ailawadi, Beauchamp, Donthu, Gauri, & Shankar, 2009; Pacheco & Rahman, 2015; Reid, Thompson, Mavondo, & Brunso, 2015); (c) to provide knowledge about consumer responses to two different sales promotion techniques (Ailawadi et al.
While announcing the launch of the season's final sales promotion, Nemo Lee, Marketing Manager from Milanoo stressed on the company's business policy of offering additional benefits to their customers.
Similarly the literature on Sales promotion effectiveness talks of promotional elasticities across product categories (Narasimhan et.
Customers place an order with the sales promotion firm, which then orders the items from various suppliers that engrave, imprint, or embroider the logo or marketing message.
The HomeSteps Winter Sales Promotion will pay $1,000 bonus to the selling agent and a $500 bonus to listing agents who sell HomeSteps homes in select states that buyers purchase as their primary or secondary residence.
6bn [pounds sterling] on sales promotion, which includes agency fees and promotions other than price cuts, such as giveaways.
The association attributed the increase to upbeat sales of seasonable goods as well as the effects of sales promotion events and store renovations.
He would have to be pretty generous for your customers to consider changing - if your sales promotion is any good, your customer won't want to lose out on what he's been earning for some time.
The work covers the broad area of sales promotion and techniques from discounting to more sophisticated sales promotion combinations and strategies.
15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- HomeSteps, the real estate sales unit of Freddie Mac (OB: FMCC), is launching a nationwide winter sales promotion for its inventory of foreclosed homes in select locations starting today.
The sales promotion industry should remain vigilant and push back against laws in the interest of no one except the legislators.
82 billion yen due to cost reductions and strong sales promotion drives.