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95") as the focal promotional variable because price discounting is the most frequently used type of retail sales promotion (Blattberg and Neslin 1990).
If a sales promotion is going to be limited to a specific free zone, then consideration should also be given to whether any free zone-specific rules apply.
The controversy started in 2008 when PMPMI, through its advertising agency, applied for a sales promotion permit before the then Bureau of Food and Drugs for the tobacco company's "Gear Up Promotional Activity.
This study is expected to contribute to the literature in the following ways: (a) to stimulate discussion of the topic with a view of the scarce literature on the subject (Alvarez & Casielles, 2005; D'Astous & Landreville, 2003); (b) to deepen understanding of non-monetary sales promotion techniques, as they have been unsuccessful in relation to monetary promotions (Ailawadi, Beauchamp, Donthu, Gauri, & Shankar, 2009; Pacheco & Rahman, 2015; Reid, Thompson, Mavondo, & Brunso, 2015); (c) to provide knowledge about consumer responses to two different sales promotion techniques (Ailawadi et al.
Price discounts and bonus packs are the most widely employed sales promotion strategies, both online and offline (Chen, Marmorstein, Tsiros, & Rao, 2012; Dawson & Kim, 2009).
Similarly the literature on Sales promotion effectiveness talks of promotional elasticities across product categories (Narasimhan et.
The summer sales promotion also includes a $1,200 selling-agent bonus for initial offers received between May 16 and July 31 this year and where escrows are closed on or before Sept.
This guide for students and practitioners will be especially useful for those studying for the Institute of Sales Promotion diploma.
under its wing, said on Monday it expects a smaller group net loss for the first half of its fiscal year due to cost cuts in advertisement and sales promotion.
In the developed countries a substantial proportion of retailers' promotional budget is allocated to advertising and sales promotion to inform and persuade the customers that the products offered are the most suitable and reasonably priced to their demands and requirements.
Summary: Etihad Airways has launched a special 'June Festival' sales promotion which offers UAE travellers amazing fares to an array of global destinations which include London, Milan, Manchester, Johannesburg and New York.
At rural branches the system may be controlled by a head office in Tokyo to achieve more efficient sales promotion.