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The salesman, who was given protective measures by the court, testified that he did not maintain a detailed record of a sale involving a Mitsubishi Canter van in late 2004 or early 2005.
The pensioner said that he told him "No thank you" and the door was closed but he said the salesman banged on the door again.
The court heard that the owners told police they got the material from an Indian salesman.
The salesman told the police that one of the suspects might have been the woman's boyfriend.
He said that the salesman at the store was very old and it was going to be an easy hit.
If I were a Saudi national, I would never ever employ Saudi women in my shop," the Yemeni salesman told the labour ministry inspectors.
The salesman, once friendly and accommodating, was quick to tell Gordon just what he thought about his aggressive driving prank.
A year later, having impressed managing director Robin Appleyard, he was made junior salesman.
The 86-year-old victim had her purse stolen when she purchased household goods from a door to door salesman on June 26.
While door-todoor selling is legal with a correct licence and identification, officers said they were keen to speak to the salesman to check they were "not committing any offences".
Many Indians, Filipinos and Bahraini customers have been buying my DVDs because they don't go out," an Indian salesman based in Gudaibiya told the Gulf Daily News, our sister publication.
Now, in the new e-book REPUBLIC OF RIPOFF: Confessions of a Home Improvement Salesman, "Buddy Marr," a 20-year veteran of the home improvement sales industry, is exposing the sneaky, shameful and downright deceitful practices that keep the money flowing into home improvement salesmen's pockets.