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The appendix includes such valuable information as a "Winning Salesmanship Checklist." There are also important "Winning Salesmanship Closes," suggestions for "Handling Objections," and "Preempting Buyer's Remorse."
which was the Union School of Salesmanship founded and directed by
He started work as a timekeeper at Deep Duffryn Colliery before studying hard to become a member of the National School of Salesmanship. He then earned a living by selling sophisticated office machinery before starting his own Howard's Way School of Motoring in 1960.
His gaffe was seized on by Labour, who said it proved Tory leader Cameron was more interested in "shallow salesmanship" than being a leader.
Perhaps Writers Bureau boss Ernest Metcalfe needs a refresher course from the National School of Salesmanship. It shouldn't be hard to get a place - he runs it.
Because it is salesmanship on the rampage that makes certain people think anything and everything can be put on the market.
Rubin argues that the most neglected aspect of public administration is salesmanship. He speaks of the two primary roles as reporting and persuading; certain administrative measures will not succeed without such activity.
Coats' salesmanship and business prowess put him on the fast track to the C-suite.
Intended for viewers grade 7 to adult, Careers in Interior Design offers a glimpse into the daily work of interior designers, who must apply creativity, aesthetic principles, and salesmanship skills to their jobs--to deliver just the right "look", mood or ambience to a customer's space.
And he added Turnbull had used his "salesmanship" to seduce the girl in his friend's car in January.
Men no longer use tridents to survive in the wild, but they need savvy salesmanship and signs of conspicuous consumption (such as the house to which the investor responds so agreeably) to endure in the world of business.