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As Tupperware helps saleswomen improve their socioeconomic levels, their expenditure and purchasing power increases.
Most expatriate salesmen are opposed to the employment of Saudi saleswomen and have been driving them away through their negative attitudes, Sarrah Ahmad, a Saudi woman working in a shop, said.
The SEDD has carried out several extensive campaigns in the emirate to catch the violators of the regulation that saleswomen would have to be attending to customers in stores that cater primarily to women's apparel.
A 30-year-old saleswoman, known only as Cheryl, has heard of many young and pretty saleswomen willing to sell their "body" to meet their sales target, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.
We have recognised the benefits of having saleswomen at our premises.
Even in the remote Amazonian mining town of Cripurizao, 1,500 kilometers away from anything like civilization, Avon saleswomen still make regular visits.
And, when men say they want a pretty bottle, saleswomen are likely to show them Escada's heart-shaped bottle, Elizabeth Taylor's decorative purple bottle of Passion, In Love Again with a heart-shaped red top, and Joy, the distinctive black bottle with a bright red cap.
I fully agree with the views expressed by Rasheed Abou-Alsamh in his article "Help Saudi saleswomen excel" (Sept.
Manama: Saudi Arabia labour authorities have insisted there will be no extension of the grace period to have only saleswomen work in lingerie shops.
UAE national Leila Al Farasi said, "The decision will make it easy for us to shop without any hesitation or shyness and also will open opportunity for a lot of ladies to work in these outlets as C saleswomen "
But a Baylor University study of 9,292 saleswomen and 20,029 salesmen in 10 nations reveals the sales gender gap is a myth.
He walks into a lingerie shop in Hollywood and is transformed into a kid in a toyshop as he ogles the scantily-clad saleswomen.