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Victims claimed that beautiful saleswomen were used to promote the project and attracted customers by wearing revealing clothes and using a persuasive attitude to convince them to buy property units.
Therefore, Study 2 was conducted to determine whether or not a relatively subtle sexual stimulus from saleswomen would also depress men's purchase intention toward discounted items.
The SEDD has carried out several extensive campaigns in the emirate to catch the violators of the regulation that saleswomen would have to be attending to customers in stores that cater primarily to women's apparel.
A 30-year-old saleswoman, known only as Cheryl, has heard of many young and pretty saleswomen willing to sell their "body" to meet their sales target, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.
"We have recognised the benefits of having saleswomen at our premises.
Negotiating with the two saleswomen, she got it down to $350.
A surety company even paid for golf lessons for a couple of their saleswomen.
tractor maker John Deere took huge losses on their Argentine investments, Avon Products, the New York cosmetics company, which posts US$6 billion a year in revenues, continues to add saleswomen and open new stores in Buenos Aires.
Through a case study of cosmetics saleswomen working in department stores in Taiwan, this article examines the making of gendered bodies and subjects in the nexus of labor, production, and consumption.
(1.) Susan Porter Benson, Counter Cultures: Saleswomen, Managers, and Customers in American Department Stores, 1890-1940 (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1986); Wendy Gamber, The Female Economy: The Millinery and Dressmaking Trades, 1860-1930 (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1997); Kathy Peiss, Hope in a Jar: The Making of America's Beauty Culture (New York: Metropolitan Books, 1998).
JEDDAH: A recent survey found out that the majority of Saudi saleswomen in shops prefer the inspectors of the Ministry of Labor rather than those from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia), a local publication reported.
UAE national Leila Al Farasi said, "The decision will make it easy for us to shop without any hesitation or shyness and also will open opportunity for a lot of ladies to work in these outlets as C saleswomen "