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In spite of these unique characteristics, there is little empirical evidence to support the impact of topic salience on survey response among sport consumers.
In service-oriented brands, relationships between employees and the public become important in brand salience (Garbarino & Johnson, 1999).
Keywords: Parental expectation, career salience, career decision making
In order to fulfil the aims, the following conditions were designed: in the first condition, students participated in surface salience analogical reasoning learning without an on-line aspect.
An added component we aimed to investigate in this project is the possibility of a cognitive antithesis to mortality salience.
Newer research has demonstrated that mortality salience priming also affects brain activity, providing a neuroscientific basis for preferential treatment of perceived in-groups (Li, Liu, Luo, Wu, Wu, & Han, 2015).
A brand that is "for people like me" likely triggers the emotions that create long-term salience and feeds enduring preference:
In addition to work salience, research suggests perceptions of family support within the workplace to be negatively related to WFC (Booth & Matthews, 2012; Kossek, Pichler, Bodner, & Hammer, 2011; Lapierre & Allen, 2006).
Generally, the findings indicate that the overall salience of immigration issues in political campaigns has increased over time in Italy, and more importantly that political actors do not differ from one another in whether they discuss immigration, but rather on how they discuss it.
Keywords: self-stereotyping, polarization, identity salience, conflict framing, self-categorization
12] established the relations between areas with high attention salience and the related positions of the task.
Linda Court Salisbury and Gergana Nenkov of Boston College's Carroll School of Management conducted several studies that found the task of choosing an annuity increases mortality salience by forcing people to contemplate their own death-ergo, to escape the mortality thoughts, consumers avoid the annuity option.