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To determine the relationship between issue salience and media usage, Spearmen Rho correlation coefficient was used.
In this study, the perception of respondents towards printed and online media credibility was measured based on salience of issues.
Based on the information in Table 3, almost three- forths of the respondents reported a high salience of issues on the Internet and 53.
In the 'standard condition', the number of negative behaviours is equal to the number of group B members (12), creating equal salience of the group and behaviour dimensions.
As in Study 1, participants rated the salience of the intragroup and intergroup differences.
The mean ratings for the four post-test items concerning the salience of the presented stimuli are shown in Table 3.
If hypothesis H1 were not true, we would expect store-attribute saliences to be distributed equally across the various task definitions.
Table 3 shows that the store-attribute saliences differed significantly across task definitions.