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The analysis of temporal slices will detect such distinct trajectories of foreground objects and generate a motion saliency map.
Saliency detection, which aims to locate the important objects and avoid the useless regions of an image, is closely related to selective processing in biological vision system.
Perhaps the most complete test of stimulus saliency effects with these methods is a study by Honig (1962), in which different groups of pigeons received successive or simultaneous discrimination training using lights of different hues, and then all subjects received a test that included a mixture of single-stimulus and double-stimulus presentations.
The detailed description of our model is in Section 4 that evaluates our approach using the popular saliency model evaluation scores (AUC) with MIT saliency model.
Viewed from the information processing perspective, the existing models of visual saliency detection can be categorized as two main kinds: bottom-up and top-down.
Types of failure modes were observed in these walls like elastic local buckling of stud, screw saliency, wall concrete demolition, concrete demolition against noggin, separating concrete from side stud, the creation of diagonal and horizontal cracks in concrete.
The saliency map is an image that is 10 times less than the original frame.
Lord Harrison said at question time in the Lords: "Given the particular saliency of the currency issue in the recent Scottish referendum, wouldn't it be a wise act and an inexpensive and an inclusive act to extend the title of Britain's central bank to that of the Bank of England of the United Kingdom?
After feature extraction, the model simulates the receptive field properties of brain cells using a center-surround operator to obtain a saliency map.
Lately, with Bahrain acquiring new clout in the charged strategic climate of West Asia, the country has acquired greater saliency for Delhi's new political dispensation as well as for Modi's Middle East policy.
In order to verify this magnetic saliency of the CPPM machine, a FEA approach and measurement of HF impedances of the CPPM machine are carried out.
While most studies of racial thought in South Africa have emphasized theories that promote the innate inequality of the races (focusing largely on the mid-twentieth-century teachings of the Dutch Reformed Church), Elphick argues for the saliency of Christian ideas that espoused the opposite viewpoint.