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Yuan, "Tag-Saliency: combining bottom-up and top-down information for saliency detection," Computer Vision and Image Understanding, vol.
The term "saliency" characterizes specific parts in a scene that might be users or objects that are assumed to be relative to the neighbouring area [4].
The extraction of the ROI region is based on the saliency detection technique.
(2) To the best of our knowledge, it is the first to fuse these two different types of deep convolutional features extracted by the original RGB stream and the saliency stream, which can get a good representation of the aerial images.
For test image G = [P.sub.g,1], [P.sub.g,2], [P.sub.g,l]] and saliency map S = [[P.sub.s,1], [P.sub.s,2], [P.sub.s,l]], l is the number of blocks.
The analysis of temporal slices will detect such distinct trajectories of foreground objects and generate a motion saliency map.
Nowadays, researchers begin to apply sparse representation to image saliency detection.
In the first stage, the visual important regions of the test and reference images are enhanced with the assistance of saliency map.
Types of failure modes were observed in these walls like elastic local buckling of stud, screw saliency, wall concrete demolition, concrete demolition against noggin, separating concrete from side stud, the creation of diagonal and horizontal cracks in concrete.
Saliency models are more and more important in computer vision due to their fundamental contribution in intelligent systems (robotics [1], serious games [2], intelligent video surveillance [3], etc.).
Lord Harrison said at question time in the Lords: "Given the particular saliency of the currency issue in the recent Scottish referendum, wouldn't it be a wise act and an inexpensive and an inclusive act to extend the title of Britain's central bank to that of the Bank of England of the United Kingdom?