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denote the color, intensity, and texture saliency maps, respectively.
More specifically, therapists' cultural humility as it pertains to the saliency of clients' R/S commitment is linked to therapy outcomes for those clients who are more R/S committed.
However, the saliency of an object is dependent not only on the visual variables used but also on how much the object differs from its surroundings and/ or from the other objects in the scene (Itti and Koch 2000; Duncan and Humphreys 1989).
It is easy to envisage a whole slew of such issues, especially of a regional Middle East nature, and their number and saliency is actually on the rise since the unraveling of the peace process and even more so since the onset of the Arab Spring.
Leveraging stories laden with emotions enhances motivation and attention to the sensory training experience, thereby optimizing the principle of saliency.
Here, the elements of a political discourse (morality, community, approval (law), and competence) are examined simultaneously in order to show how the discourse elements in narratives on revolution are configured, and how certain elements express saliency and muteness.
The so-called AutoAdmit scandal that rocked the normally civil world of elite law schools a few years ago doubtless contributes to the saliency among law professors of the problems addressed here.
Youth also cautioned that, despite online services' general appeal, in order to realize their full potential (and therefore attain/retain saliency and credibility), online services must fully 'harness' online technological capabilities.
This brings about the saliency of motivation to be committed to an ideal or goal.
Clearly, more and more local communities "get" the saliency of this approach.
Traditionally, in urban lighting, increasing luminance has been one of the main tools used to improve the saliency of objects.
Volume 1 is dedicated to material engineering and mechanical engineering, with chapters on topics such as swelling and deswelling of a PH/thermosensitive hydrogel, techno-economic analysis of magnetic treatment of cobalt concrete, a plasticity model of extruded peanuts under mechanical pressing, and face image segmentation using a color information and saliency map.