salient characteristic

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He was a sandy-complexioned man in whose face geniality and humor seemed the salient characteristics.
This documentary has one very salient characteristic, all the undocumented aliens that are profiled insisted on showing their faces.
A salient characteristic of Perfils cruels is the author's addiction to punch lines, stylistic flourishes, and metaphors as found in the Anthology of British Narrators by K.
The most salient characteristic of the TCM principle is the emphasis on treating the underlying cause of the illness rather than just the symptoms.
Contractor shall provide and install one (1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that meets all Salient Characteristic as stated.
Today, the most salient characteristic of the economy is its diversity," Ellison said, adding that the relative outputs of its business sectors closely match the United States as a whole.
This captures something of the sheer physical presence of old yew topiary, a presence that often overwhelms these garden images and remains in the mind as their salient characteristic.
Perhaps their most salient characteristic is the amount they cry.
First, they argue that theories of functions have difficulty accounting for a salient characteristic of the phenomenology of artifact use, the distinction between standard use and alternative or improper use, and they present a theory of artifact use and design that provides an adequate account.
In contrast, Bishop Dolan has found a vibrant devotion to Mary' to be a salient characteristic of those giants in the priesthood, who constitute his heroes (p.
The salient characteristic of this superb, light-jazz-sound ensemble recording is the ultra-clear textures and detail.
I try to remember the salient characteristic of that voice, its rhythms; its color.