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He went on to make a salient point - that a better Christopher to celebrate would be Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.
Meanwhile, immigration has made it to the top of the issues list, and is certain to remain there, so talk of an Australian-type points system for entry is a salient point.
That feat means Dawn Run is rightly regarded as the best National Hunt mare of all time, but Annie Power is quickly approaching that sort of status herself, although the salient point of the race was that she was only rerouted to the championship event after her stablemate, last year's winner Faugheen, was ruled out through injury.
Though European regulators are notoriously more lax in their testing and have long had an accommodating relationship with the auto industry, the salient point is that Volkswagen and other major auto producers are well aware that the nitrogen oxides exhausted by diesel engines lead to respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, smog and acid rain, and cause premature deaths " in Europe as in America " and have deceived the public about controlling them.
Pardew took the opportunity in his Sunday newspaper column to make a salient point about the inflated prices charged for English players in the transfer market.
Salient Point Recognition by Numerical Surface Signatures in 3D Point Cloud
But let's not get too serious - it's more Jeremy Kyle than Jeremy Paxman - the salient point is that the sportsmanship of the horse's trainer, Nicky Henderson, and his owner Caroline Mould, give us a day to remember.
Surely, the salient point is that the club's owners either cannot or will not match the spending of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea.
The salient point is this: there is no more evidence to justify a belief in Jesus as God than there was to keep Zeus perched upon his mountain throne or Poseidon churning the seas.
You want news reports that allow you to see at a glance the article's most salient point as well as the source and strength of the data.
With regard to "Let them just eat cake" (Sounding Board, April), Linda Zwicky makes a salient point about over-the-top birthday parties.
For me, the most salient point of the article is that a diverse team of writers has been assembled who all share some important virtues.